It takes alot to develop an individual, we've got what it takes.

Who Are We?

NQI is an organisation that specialise in education and training services. It was started with the core aim of creating achievers

How can we help you?

Skills Development

We provide skills development programmes, QCTO accredited qualifications. These qualifications are offered through an MoU with accredited training provider as NQI is in a process of aquiring accreditation with the relevant body at the moment.

NQI Tutoring Centre

Education is our passion. It’s not always the case that when teaching takes place, the learning does. There are many curtains that blocks learning. That is why we took an initiavtive to bridge that gab and contribute to lifelong learning. These tutorial are offered at a basic level (Grade 8 – 12).


The goal is to position NQI as one of the leading business in Education and Training in South Africa by ensuring that we have online courses that can accommodate the entire South Africa, our strategy is to ensure that our organization can provide Easy to access education,suitable payment options that suites the South Africans, fighter for unemployment.


Our Work